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It has been a while since the first online WSOP ended,  what a journey it has been! We can still feel all the adrenaline and emotions that 50+ incredible final tables brought with them!

But something that makes us incredibly proud, is of course the fact that 4 of our players managed to get their hands on a bracelet. And one of them, Stoyan Madanzhiev, event went up to be the Main Event Winner!

So, let’s have a quick recap of our 4 heroes accomplishments:

First, we have Ivan “Zufo16” Zufic, winner of the Event 63 Mini Main Event: the first-ever Croatian WSOP bracelet! Our Ivan played his best poker and gave almost the impression that the final table was just too easy for him! A great poker player, someone both we and all of Croatia can be really proud of!

Then, it was time for Gregor “soulsntfaces” Muller to shine, by securing the bracelet in Event 67 Limit Hold'em. A very strategic variant of poker, where logic is the most important skill of them all. In Gregor’s own words, “I saw there was a Limit Hold’em tournament in the BetKings lobby, and as I started (as a poker player - Ed.) with Limit Hold’em I decided to play the event. I was happy that I won, but to be honest I didn’t even realize that I won a bracelet until two hours after the tournament was finished!”

The surprises for us at BetKings were not over: on Event 81: People's Choice Event (No Limit Hold’Em Bounty Hunter), Nicolò “Paquitooo” Molinelli stole the show, making it all the way to the final table and winning a tournament in a poker variant that, for his own admission, he does not play often. It is not an everyday feat, winning a world poker tournament in a variant that’s not your main game, so this undoubtedly adds to the achievement!

And last, but first in order of importance, the one we did not see coming. The one that completely blindsided us, and all of a sudden we were celebrating for, with Stoyan Madanzhiev name sent into orbit and engraved in poker history as the 2020 Wsop World Champion. In a tournament he simply dominated from the beginning till the end, Stoyan played his best poker and always looked like he knew exactly which hands to play, and when to sit back instead, waiting for things to fall into place. That was clearly the case throughout the final table, with another contestant (Wenling Gao) acting as the player sweeper, before the final heads up. 
With the Main Event Bracelet headed for Stoyan’s wrist, and our head still a little bit dizzy from the celebration, we want to congratulate him for his success. You’re one of the big names now!

Now that the Online WSOP lights are so far in the rearview mirror, new poker adventures already announce themselves over the horizon. And BetKings will be ready to guide you through all of them, even better now that 4 outstanding champions can inspire you with their stories!

Poker holds the number 4 in a special place, and now we do as well: 4 Bracelets, 4 amazing players, 4 legends. A “poker of poker talents”, all from BetKings. Cheers!