BetKings player zufo16 wins Event 63: Mini Main Event at Online Wsop!

BetKings player zufo16 wins Event 63: Mini Main Event at Online Wsop!

 If this was an episode of “who wants to be a Millionaire”, then Ivan “zufo16” Zufic would have answered the last question right.

 As a matter of fact, his last two biggest tournament wins do add up to around 1 Million, with $843,460 of them won at Event #63: $500 Mini Main Event. Thanks to this, Ivan is now the second biggest winner in the 2020 Online WSOP Series, and not only he brought home the cash, but also his first bracelet as well as a WSOP Europe Package!

 And what a story, that of zufo16: mark our words, in the future someone may want to make a movie out of it. Ivan is a poker player at BetKings, and his record shows he’s been quite active at the cash tables.

His luck, though, was a little behind on schedule, and just one and a half years ago zufo16 was basically at 0, struggling to take off at the tables: but this did not weaken his spirit.

Fast forward 20 months and the story gracefully unfolds, with the Croatian player (The first player from Croatia to grab a bracelet, by the way, adding more and more to his journey) able to win a WSOP Mini Main Event and thus open a new chapter of his life.

 We at BetKings want to celebrate with zufo16: the challenge at our top tables has always been very hard, and it has probably helped him craft strategies and keep cool when needed, two elements that would prove invaluable in the 16 hours the Event #63 lasted.

And oh, was the tournament intense: after the bubble burst, it took ELEVEN hours to get down to two tables. And another hour passed before the final table formed, thanks to our hero Ivan, who eliminated Peng "FxxXp" Yang. 

The battle continued, and the chip lead “title” shifted continuously. Ivan went on to also eliminate Derek "XrayEyes" Miller from the tournament.   

Finally, in the heads up against Suraj "M26GreenWood" Mishra, zufo16 quickly took the lead and forced Mishra to all-in his last blinds with just 2-2.

Ivan didn’t allow the chance to get lost thanks to his A-9, and due to another Ace on the flop, he was able to claim his first bracelet.

 Congratulations Ivan, from all of us at BetKings! Here’s to many more bracelets in your future! Cheers!


Who was Ivan, before a bracelet got his name all over the news? Do you feel any different now?
 zufo16 - "I was already a regular, i worked my way up and i was 22nd in the pocketfives already this year; of course i feel different! I won one of the most prestigious title and a WSOP bracelet, and im the first in Croatia to do this so... this means a lot to me! This was always my dream, the dream of any poker player"

It is the dawn of Event 63: what was on your mind? Did you felt it was the day you could reach the final table, or even bring home one of the most wanted pieces of jewelry in the world?
zufo16 "Well on 80 left, around that, I already had images on my head of winning this... and i was super confident in my game, because I had not made any mistake throughout the tournament, so I felt like i had massive edge on field. I also started thinking of how Fedor Holz and Charlie Carrel made it, because they once were grinding super hard and then BOOM they had one big score, just like that, and after it they start to play high stakes... so i thought "this is it, it''s my time to do the same""

Was there a hand that became the turning point in the tournament? That one hand that led you to believe you were probably going to win?
zufo16 - "Not really, I played my best in every hand, I guess it was all due to the confidence I had in my game"

And then, the heads up. You started more or less with the same stack, so it was clearly down to strategy and keeping it cool. What thoughts crossed your mind?
zufo16 - "I didnt have any thoughts, I was just lost in the monitor, and played like yup this is just another normal tournament, and didn't think for a second I was in heads up for a bracelet. I was just present and enjoying the moment"

Tell us more about the heads up
zufo16 - "Well there is really nothing much to say: I ran good, i played good, and i won :D"

And what about the 2nd classified? Was he a tough opponent?
zufo16 - "No, my opponents were all bad! Let me explain it better, this is actually my secret: when i look at every opponent, I think of him as a bad player, which makes me even more confident. I always look at me as the best at the table. Some people might see this as big ego, but in fact it is all about confidence, all about the situation as I see it in my head"

One year ago your bankroll was basically 0. But that did not stop you from believing in yourself. What is your secret?
zufo16 - "Well I mean, it wasn't zero, poker has been my only income for more than 2 years now , my secrect is that i always believed that I would have ended up on top one day, and so I did everything i could to get there. And I did get there!"

You are a player at BetKings: how do you like the place? Are the tables at BetKings challenging?
zufo16 - " I love to play at BetKings, the software is the best around. And yes, poker is always challenging, especially if you play on high stakes: you end up always playing against top players, so you always have to fight to get that edge"

What’s next for zufo16? Is this the start of a new journey?
zufo16 - "Now it's time for me to play the biggest stakes online, and to join the live poker scene. And maybe, who knows, win  the WSOP player of the year race, why not? :D"

Thank you so much for your time, and again: Congratulations from all of us at BetKings!
zufo16 - "Thank you!"