We've all had that moment: just one player needs to get out of the tournament, then we’ve got a prize. Our game suddenly slows down, good cards now look less good, we analyze every move from every player at our table.
Then we try to push our luck and… someone with A-A kicks us out of the tournament.

That has to be one of the most frustrating experiences in poker life. But that’s poker, right? Well, most of the time, yes. That is poker.

But at BetKings we would like to disagree: let’s make the Bubble a wonderful thing.   

Welcome to 2020, the Bubble Year!


You already know about our Bubble Protection: by registering early on tournaments with the Bubble Protection stamp you can get back your buy-in if you bust out on the bubble. 
Now let's take it further:


Starting next week, on BetKings we will host a series of tournaments called “Bubble Heroes”. In this exclusive format, the player who busts out on the bubble wins the same prize as the player who gets the 2nd place!

Will you choose to try your luck or will you keep your nerves at bay and aim for the 1st prize?

Starting from Sunday 2/02/2020 at 20.00 CET, every second Sunday.

Buy in: $10 (8+2)
Rebuy: unlimited
Re-entry: unlimited
Minimum players: 18
Payout: Top 20%

Added prize: The player who busts out on the Bubble will win the same prize as the 2nd qualifier!!

---- > PASSWORD IS 2020 <----


But that is not all. The Bubble Year has even more to offer: for every GTD tournament you play, if you bust out on the bubble, you can contact our team to get a Bubble Stamp. Collect 10 Stamps to win the Bubble Bingo Bonus, a 100$ Casino Ticket!

And more is yet to come in the next months! Ready to have fun? The Bubble Year has just begun!