Remember the feeling when you were a kid and the surprise toy came down the “gumball machine?” 
Anticipation is half the fun! 
We’ve got a whole whack of prizes up for grab in our new $300K All-In or Fold Gacha giveaway!

How does it work?

When you play 150 hands in our fast-paced All-In or Fold game in a single day, you’ll automatically be entered into one of our four AOF Gacha tournaments running the following day, each corresponding to a different blind range. Play 150 hands or more across multiple blind ranges to win automatic entry to more giveaway tournaments; there’s nothing stopping you getting into all four each day!

To make it even MORE exciting, the prizes awarded in each AOF Gacha tournament will be completely random. The player finishing in first place is not guaranteed a better prize than the player finishing in 100th; in fact, the player finishing first might not win a prize at all. So who knows how big of a surprise you’ll get - you’ll have to play to find out! 

There will be cash prizes, tournament dollars, and (not to ruin the surprise) some pretty sweet tournament tickets in our Gacha giveaway tournaments - so hit the All-In or Fold tables this February and grab as many shots as you can at these unique giveaways, and see what comes down the GGNetwork gumball!