Enjoy AoF Bingo while playing All-In or Fold!

Now your All-In or Fold hole cards are also your bingo cards! 

Win with your hole cards, and mark them on your 4x4 bingo board.

Complete 1 line only for Bingo rewards. 50 hands limit for Hold'em and 20 hands limit for Omaha.

Rewards go up to $80,000 in Hold'em and $160,000 in Omaha!

There are no limits to AoF Bingo, so start playing now!

Bingo Rules

Complete One Bingo lines and earn instant rewards!

- Mark your bingo cards by winning on showdown with your hole cards.
- You can refresh your bingo board with the press of a button.
- You can restart the bingo board after playing 10 hands.
- Refreshing your board will also restart your limit.

Bingo Payouts

Payout Frequency
800 BB 5 / 1,000
80 BB 20 / 1,000
40 BB 40 / 1,000
20 BB 80 / 1,000
8 BB 855 / 1,000

Additional Informations

- Winning hand must go to showdown.
- Ties will not count as a win.
- Bingo cards are marked for winners of the main pot only.
- Bingo board will be kept for an additional hour even if you leave the table. However, if the table closes, your bingo board might be reset.
- Bingo boards will be reset if the server goes under maintenance.
- Bingo Fee (0.05 BB) will be collected per hand.