Now just by playing Hold'em & Omaha cash games you have a chance at an instant cash prize!

Every time you make one of the following,

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a kind

you will hit the Big Hand Jackpot!

  • Pockets and suited connectors aren't exactly hands that make your finger hover over the fold button, but now there's an extra reward waiting for your 'go big or go home' style.
  • Skills and hard work aren't the only things that bear fruit; aim big, and you'll take home a fat prize for a little luck as well!

Hitting the Jackpot

  • Additional Rules
  • · Once you fold, your jackpot will not improve with hand progression.
  • · If the amount you have committed to the pot is less than 15 big blinds at the time you make a jackpot hand, you will not qualify for the jackpot.
         - In the case above, your jackpot hand needs to improve on the street your committed amount becomes greater than 15 big blinds in order to qualify for the jackpot

Example case:

  • · Once you have qualified for the jackpot, running the hand multiple times (RIMT) will not cancel the jackpot you have already earned.
    • - Only the first set of cards dealt when RIMT will be considered for the jackpot.
    • - Once you have qualified for the jackpot, hand improvements can only occur through the first set of cards dealt when RIMT.
  • · Once you have qualified for the jackpot, leaving the table or disconnections will not cancel the jackpot you have already earned.
    • - During a disconnection, if your hand happens to improve on a later street and qualifies as a jackpot hand, then you will be eligible for the jackpot.
    • - For example, you flop a Straight Flush, but you get disconnected and auto-checked to the Turn/River where your hand improves to a Royal Flush.

Jackpot Payout

  • The Big Hand Jackpot payout differs based on the stakes from which the jackpot hit occurs.
  • All blinds share the same jackpot payout percentage, despite the jackpot being allocated differently for each blinds.
  • Jackpot payout percentage is as shown in the table below.

Jackpot Hand Hold'em Omaha
Royal Flush 50% 25%
Straight Flush 20% 10%
Four of a kind 5% 2.50%

Jackpot Fund

    Both Hold'em and Omaha cash games will share the same jackpot fund, with its sole purpose being the prize pool for Big Hand Jackpot hits and its payouts.
  • The jackpot fund will continue to grow by reserving certain amounts from Hold'em and Omaha cash games.
  • In other words, your cash prize for hitting the jackpot will always be waiting!

Fund Accumulation

  • If the pot amount exceeds or is equal to 30 big blinds, the amount equivalent to 1 big blind will be reserved for the jackpot fund.