• Love at first sight is no myth here.
  • Show us your affection, and it will be reciprocated, starting on Day 1.
  • Your choice of poker room is the start of a courtship, and we're offering you a 30-day Honeymoon to immediately strengthen this special relationship.
  • Yes, you will have to jump through a few hoops for our attention, but no biggie - these hoops are the biggest ones around.

Honeymoon Itinerary

  • Begin by pressing 'Start Honeymoon' within your Honeymoon page to participate!
  • Receive 1 easy mission each day, for a total of 30.
  • Get instant Honeymoon rewards based on your success.

* Start Honeymoon' option will be available for 3 days from your first login.

* If you do not start the Honeymoon promotion manually, your chance at free prizes will be gone as it will expire.

Total Rewards : $300

Successful Missions



1 Ticket to Omaholic $1




1 Ticket to T$ Builder $4









Tickets claimed from rewards will be valid for 1 week.

  • Mission Examples :
  • Hold'em : Show your cards after winning the pot.
  • Omaha : Play 50 Hands.

Honeymoon Details

  • Click the floating icon to view your Honeymoon page.
  • Claim instant rewards, check missions, and view history within your Honeymoon page.