Play 100 hands in a week in Short Deck and receive a 5 ante bonus on the spot!

Short Deck Poker just got BIGGER! If you like our most exciting poker game, you’re gonna LOVE how we’ve kicked things up. 
The thrill of premium hands, the challenge to outplay your opponent, and the skill to master short deck poker, is why poker players LOVE this game! 

 Take all that action and top it all off with our newest 5 Ante bonus, and you’re in for some fun! 
Just Play 100 hands of 6+ Short Deck Poker and we’ll GIVE you 5 antes. It’s just that easy! You play, and we pay!

How does it work?

- Play 100 hands of Short Deck Poker and receive 5 antes
- Each ante level has its own weekly prize pool
- Hands are only calculated for pots that are raked

Ante      Weekly Prize     Pool Prize (5 Ante)      Number of Winners
¥100.00      ¥70,000.00 ¥500.00       140
¥50.00      ¥60,000.00 ¥250.00       240
¥20.00      ¥55,000.00 ¥100.00       550
¥5.00      ¥40,000.00 ¥25.00       1600
¥1.00         ¥25,000.00 ¥5.00       5000