Having fun in our casino? Make the most out of your experience, deposit with Skrill to refill your bankroll while you play! 

How? It's easy! 

- Deposit at least €/$ 100 with Skrill, it will earn you a stamp (NOTE: it won't be visible in your account)
- The bonus card is made of 3 rows, each with 3 spaces for stamps
- Mail us ( [email protected] ) with your username once you want to redeem a prize

          1st row completed = €/$ 40 casino ticket.   
          2nd row completed = €/$ 50 casino ticket.  
          3rd row  completed= €/$ 100 casino ticket

You can earn all 3 prizes!
You can earn a maximum of 9 stamps per month. Once fully completed a card, you can't earn further prizes for the same month.

On 3rd row, you are playing on 33% cashback! 

Your card will remain valid until the end of the solar month. When the month ends, the card expires but you can start a new one right away.
If you get to the 9 stamps bonus, the card is considered used. You can start a new one the next month.
Unused stamps are lost.

Transferring your balance to poker will void your card. To cancel a card before the month ends, contact support.

This promo is only valid if you are playing in our casino or sportsbook.

What are you waiting for? Skrill in and Refill!