A WSOP Bracelet could be waiting for YOU!

Simply play at least 100 All-In or Fold hands everyday to get automatic entry into flipout tournaments, with a total of $10,000 in WSOP tickets up for grabs each day.

Step 1: 
Select the AoF game.

Step 2:
Play 100 hands in a day.

Step 3;
Automatically be entered into a Daily $10,000 Flipout Tournament!

How does it work?

When you play 100 hands in our fast-paced All-In or Fold game in a single day, you’ll automatically be entered into one of our four WSOP Daily $10,000 Flipout Tournaments running the following day, each corresponding to a different blind range.

Play 100 hands or more across multiple blind ranges to win automatic entry to more Flipout tournaments; there’s nothing stopping you getting into all four each day!

To make it even MORE exciting, the prizes awarded in each WSOP Daily $10,000 Flipout Tournament will be completely random. The player finishing in the first place is not guaranteed a better prize than the player finishing in 100th; in fact, the player finishing first might not win a prize at all. So who knows how big of a surprise you’ll get – you’ll have to play to find out!

There will be WSOP Satellite Tickets and WSOP Silk Road Tickets awarded in our WSOP Daily $10,000 Flipout Tournaments – so hit the All-In or Fold tables this WSOP Season Special and grab as many shots as you can at these WSOP Tickets giveaways, and see what comes your way in GGPoker’s WSOP $10,000 Flipout Tournaments!

Blind Ranges and Flipout details
Tournament Dates
Jul 06 - Aug 30